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Joiscat Poultry


Tasty kibble refined with delicate poultry

  • Complete feed for adult cats
  •  Delicious cat food with savoury poultry
  •  Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cats
  •  No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  •  No added soy, sugar or milk products
Complete feed for adult cats.

Josera Active – Adult 18kg

The nutrient-rich, gluten-free formula of JosiDog Active ensures very active dogs get all the energy they need. With extra power, this high-energy food is suitable for sporting dogs.

Josera Family Plus – Starter


  • Contains plenty of energy and protein for pregnant and nursing bitches
  •  With taurine for fertility and valuable antioxidants to support the highly metabolic reproductive organs
  •  Supports puppies’ brain development thanks to high-quality fatty acids from salmon
  • Soakable kibble to wean puppies onto dry food
Complete food for pregnant, nursing and growing dogs

Josera Fesitival – Adult


A unique menu for our discerning connoisseurs: This food can be fed dry or moist. Just add water to the gravy powder to transform this crunchy kibble into a special taste sensation! This variety is sure to win over even the fussiest pet. Salmon adds a tasty finishing touch to the exclusive recipe.

  • With tasty gravy powder for added flavour
  •  Valuable fatty acids promote a healthy appearance and a shiny coat
  •  Supplies active and sporting dogs with plenty of energy
  •  Supports bone formation and joints
Complete feed for adult dogs

Josera Junior – Jr 18kg

  • Brand : Josera
  • Grade : Super Premium
  • Packaging Type : Roll
  • Food Texture : Pellets
  • Size : 18 kg
  • Lifestage : Young/Baby
  • Food Flavor : Chicken
  • Food Type : Dry Food
  • Species : Dogs

Josera Kids – Jr 15kg


For our young heroes who want to reach for the stars: A special growth formula for medium and large breeds. This low-energy recipe with a tailored protein and fat content supports a moderate growth rate, powerful bone development and healthy joints.

  • From 8 weeks onwards
  •  Suitable for heavily-built dogs
  •  Supports cardiovascular functions and skeletal development
  •  Can be fed all the way through to adulthood

Josera Large Breed 15kg


A food for our insatiable connoisseurs, specially tailored to their needs! The extra-large kibble size offers plenty of chewing fun and prevents excessive gobbling. With an increased fibre content for greater satiation and a reduced fat content, also suitable for our well-nourished chowhounds.

  • Extra-large kibble size for big dogs
  •  Helps to reduce gorging
  •  With increased fibre content for greater satiation and a moderate fat content
  •  With salmon for tasty indulgence

Josera Poultry – Adult



Because we know exactly what we want: Crisp kibble with selected ingredients and plenty of poultry at an unbeatable price. Providing our little explorers with everything they need, day after day.

  • Offering a unique price/performance ratio
  •  For all normally active, fully-grown dogs
  •  Valuable fatty acids support healthy skin and a shiny coat
Complete feed for adult dogs

Josera Sensi – Junior


A digestion-regulating growth formula for sensitive athletes, providing optimum support for healthy development. This highly digestible recipe containing tasty duck and premium salmon is excellent for sensitive young dogs, and also reduces the amount of feces.

  • From 3 weeks onwards
  •  Special fibre complex helps regulate digestion
  •  Accompanies growing dogs all the way into adulthood
  •  For medium to large sporting breeds
  •  Valuable fatty acids support brain development and trainability
  •  L-carnitine, high-quality protein and taurine also support cardiovascular functions and skeletal development