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WANPY Dog Treats Duck Sausages for all size dogs

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Patented Dog Treats Oven - roasted 100% Natural - Healthy Training Reward
  • Low Fat High Protein
  • Premium Quality
  • Strengthens Bones
  • Healthy Digestion
Complementary food for dogs. Feeding Advice: as a chew snack for between meals. Always provide an adequate supply of fresh drinking water.
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Wanpy  Sausages is a natural delicacy made from meat, chicken and Salmon. It is intended as a tasty and healthy addition to the basic diet of dogs and puppies of all breeds over 3 months old.
Looking for a healthy snack for your dog? With Wanpy  Sausages, you offer your pet a premium quality meat delicacy in the form of small, unflavored sausages with a small amount of salt as a natural preservative. Sausages from duck fillet, chicken and duck liver are prepared according to a special recipe, so they are strikingly different from products for people. The delicacy is baked in the oven and acquires an appetizing taste that even the most fastidious gourmet dogs will appreciate. The heat treatment temperature is 60-85°C, with such a gentle mode, all the beneficial properties of meat are preserved.

Chicken sausages are also suitable as treats for training or training dogs. They are easy to break or cut into pieces and treat your pet for a successfully completed command or exercise.
In addition, Wanpy  Sausages Natural Dog Treats are high in healthy animal protein and low in fat. In this way, your pet’s activity is ensured, its health and immunity are strengthened with proper weight control.

Why buy Wanpy  Sausages dog treats:
100% natural;
premium quality;
Helps balance your dog’s diet
with a high content of healthy animal protein to maintain the health and activity of your pet, strengthen immunity;
strengthens bones thanks to calcium and phosphorus;
weight control: has a low fat content (17%) compared to similar treats;
healthy digestion: well digested, easy to digest;
contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), necessary for the development of cognitive functions;
has an appetizing taste of natural dried  meat;

convenient to store: packaging with a Zip-Lock lock keeps the treat fresh and can be used repeatedly.

ATTENTION! The absorbent inside the package is not to be fed to the pet, it is only necessary to prevent the formation of moisture inside the package.

Feeding rates:
– for dogs weighing 1-5 kg ​​- 10-20 g;
– for dogs weighing 5-10 kg – 20-40 g;
– for dogs weighing 10-20 kg – 40-60 g;
– for dogs weighing more than 20 kg – 60-80 g.

Dogs of large breeds can be given whole sausages, for small pets it is better to break sausages or cut them into several parts.

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Chicken, Duck, Salmon

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