TRIXIE® Chewing Bones

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  • Made from chewable rawhide
  • Keeps teeth clean
  • Long-lasting to keep dogs distracted
  • Strengthens gums and jaw
  • All-natural
  • Measurements: 17 cm
  • Contents/Weight: 90 g

TRIXIE® Chewing Bones

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Most dogs love to chew abundantly. Our numerous dog chewing snacks are just right for this. The Denta Fun series offers chewing fun with tooth-care effect. These chewing bones, chewing sticks, chewing knots and further items are more solid than normal snacks and made of extra thick rawhide. This helps to rub plaque off the teeth and can support your dog’s dental health.

Give your dog something to get their teeth around with the Trixie chewing bone.

How it works

All dogs benefit from chewing – a natural behaviour in puppies and older dogs that massages gums, releases pent-up energy and relieves stress. The Trixie chewing bone is an ideal way to keep your dog’s teeth occupied, strong and clean. The bone is made from rawhide and is naturally low in fat while maintaining high levels of protein – making it an ideal snack in-between meals. The chewing motion makes for cleaner teeth and gums too, scraping away tartar and plaque in the process.

When to use it

If your puppy is suffering from teething pain or your older pooch is after some entertainment, you may find they latch onto household items to chew. The Trixie chewing bone provides a great alternative to your slippers and most likely tastes better too. The Trixie chewing bone has been designed especially for dogs – unlike real bones, there’s no danger of splinters that can become lodged in their digestive system.

Some dog breeds such as mastiffs and German shepherds have powerful jaws that need regular exercise to keep them in optimum health and strength. Chew bones like this one encourage your dog to work their facial muscles, all the while keeping them distracted from your furniture. If you find gnawing on household items a common theme, we recommend you provide plenty of distractions when leaving your pet alone in the house and potentially keep them to one room.

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