K9 – Muscle Builder

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  • K9 Supplements Muscle Builder & Performance for Dogs.
  • Supports Muscle Endurance, Performance, and Recovery.
  • Now Contains Bone Broth Superfood Protein.

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K9 Muscle Builder & Performance is a state-of-the-art formula that is designed to provide powerful ingredients that are
important for muscle development, enhancement, definition, maintenance, and functions in canines of all breeds. It contains creatine, a compound important for muscle definition and growth, as well as complementary amino acids, lecithin to enhance the effectiveness of the high-quality colostrums and whey proteins.DMG is included to support muscle metabolism, reduce lactic acid accumulation and optimize oxygen utilization within muscles.
K9 Muscle Builder & Performance Combines Amino Acids,
Chromium, Creatine, KPX Brand Colostrum, Lecithin, Multi-patented
DMG and Multi-patented GlutaSyn Brand Whey Protein Isolate.
Formula MASS Muscle Builder & Performance comes in a small pellet
form which makes it easy and efficient to deliver. Simply serve
your dog the recommended daily dosage prior to each meal
separately or you can pour it on top of their food. Feeding


Canines under 50 lbs: â…“ scoop per 15 lbs, daily.

Canines over 50 lbs and over: 1 full scoop per 50 lbs, daily.

Dogs that are on a raw or grain-free kibble: To pack on quality

K9 Muscle Builder

we suggest combining this product with Formula
Weight Gainer or a food calorie source that is high in
nutritional fats. Please contact us prior to use so we can help
you reach your supplemental goal by giving you the best advice!
Supports muscle building and definition in dogs. For all breeds.
No side effects.

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