Caneo® Jerky Snack for dogs

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Call of the wild

Follow the initial instinct of your dog
  • Available in 3 Jerky Snacks flavors.
  • 100 gm.
  • Real meat is the #1 ingredient
  • Sources of antioxidants help support his healthy immune system
  • Omega fatty acids help support his healthy skin and coat
  • High in protein to help support strong muscles
  • Highly digestible formula, so more nutrition goes to work inside of your dog
  • Natural sources of glucosamine help support healthy joints
  • Made without corn, wheat or soy
  • Made without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives


Like its ancestor the wolf, the dog belongs to the carnivores.

Meat forms the basis for the basic supply of vital nutrients: protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins.

But since it is not a pure carnivore, a balanced diet also includes fruits, berries, grasses, roots, and herbs.

This natural diet ensures a healthy coat and a strong musculature, it supports digestion and prevents feed intolerances before.

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Weight .100 kg


Chicken, Duck, Turkey


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