First of all, there are places and situations in which we are obliged to have our dog wear a muzzle, e.g. in public transport. A muzzle also provides security, e.g. when visiting the veterinarian or in areas with warnings of poisoned baits. In so far, getting a dog used to wearing a muzzle makes sense for every dog.
For this, it is important to start early with special muzzle training to get your pet used to the unaccustomed thing slowly and without stress.

However, you ask yourself – which muzzle is the right one? Which product is right for my dog and the situation in which the muzzle is to be worn?  

Muzzle with net insert

This muzzle made of polyester in sizes S-XL is suitable for almost every dog thanks to being continuously adjustable around snout and neck. A net insert provides better heat dissipation.
However– it offers no protection against biting. This muzzle should only be used for short times, e.g. at the veterinarian or when traveling by bus or train. It is a low-priced alternative compared to normal muzzles and is easy to stow and take with you. That makes it into the ideal companion when on tour.

Muzzle made of plastic

The most common and best-known muzzles are made of plastic. Thanks to the close mesh it offers sure protection against biting. You cannot give a treat through this muzzle though. It is continuously adjustable and adaptable at the neck as well. The plastic basket is extra light so that it can even be worn by very small dogs. The available sizes from XS–XL are based on the desired circumference of the basket that has to be measured beforehand.

Muzzle Flex

This muzzle made of silicone, nylon, and neoprene is the all-rounder among the muzzles. It offers maximum wearing comfort thanks to its ergonomic fit, flexible silicone that still keeps its shape, and neoprene-padded, continuously adjustable straps.
Wearing it, the dog can pant, drink and take treats. Therefore the Muzzle Flex presents no problems when worn over a longer time. Thanks to its construction and the materials used, it offers active bite protection.
The available sizes from S-XL are based on the desired basket circumference, which has to be measured by the dog handler beforehand and cannot be adjusted.

Poison Bait Protective Net

The poison bait protective net prevents your dog from taking up baits and other unwanted things while out walking. It is not a bite protection.
With the protective net, the dog can pant and drink without problems, treats can be passed through the lateral slits. The lightweight muzzle has a good fit thanks to an elastic insert and a continuously adjustable neck strap and is comfortable to wear even on longer walks. The net is available in sizes XS-XL.

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