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SPOOTER Let Your Dog Exercise Safely With Full Control

SPOOTER A Magical Solution For Quality Time & Dog Exercise!​


Is your best solution that enables your dog to exercise safely with full control.

SPOOTER A Magical Solution For Quality Time & Dog Exercise!

SPADE SPOOTER is your best solution that enables your dog to exercise safely with full control, as many places/compounds forbid unleashed dogs for safety issues that affect your dog’s exercise. Dog owners love to spend a cheerful time with their dogs and make them happy by playing Fetch, Frisbee, Fly-ball &, etc. which are all forbidden public places. With SPADE SPOOTER you can spend quality time with your dog, let him/her release some energy, and build some muscles in addition that the joy you feel yourself.

It’s just plain fun!

Table of Contents

Once in lifetime!

SPADE SPOOTER isn’t a child’s toy that will wear out or break in a few months. These are large SPOOTERS built with heavy metal body for the sport and dog racings that can handle the weight of an adult male.

And now for a limited time to celebrate its launch, grab your red or black SPOOTER and SAVE!

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Stable with full rider control

Dual disc brakes ensure stopping even in wet or dirty conditions. Typical V-Brakes work by compressing rubber pads against the rim, however if the rims get wet or dusty they become weak and ineffective. Disc brakes work by compressing disks against a rotor mounted on the hub of your wheel similar to brakes on an automobile. They are much stronger than the normal V-Brakes especially in wet conditions. They last longer and frankly, they just look cool/good. The primary advantage, however, is that disc brakes provide reliable stopping power in all conditions; which could be crucial if your dog is continuing to pull when you need to stop. With disc brakes the operator can stop both SPADE SPOOTER and dog instantly if the situation requires. 

SPADE SPOOTER can be used on the street and on the dirt. They are moderately low for easy ‘Kicking’, yet have enough ground clearance for off road use.

SPADE SPOOTER constructed with large 20″ wheels for a smoother ride, less rolling resistance and better obstacle rollover. Standard front suspension absorbs bumps for a comfortable ride

Comfy Enough!

Have you ever tried to ride some of the SPADE SPOOTER nowadays? There’s spacious legroom enough for your feet as our large platform allows the rider to stand with both feet on the SPADE SPOOTER, side by side, or with one foot in front of the other. Either way, there’s spacious legroom

But the greatest thing that you probably have already noticed, is the adjustable seat. It’s so nice to be able to sit down and rest your leg muscles while just enjoying the ride. The seat is fully adjustable to accommodate all riders. It can be adjusted up and down. Having a seat makes riding so much more fun


Closed-back trim protects the dog from getting into the spokes and fenders control any water flipping up onto your body. All of this, plus the kickstand pin, comes standard on the SPADE SPOOTER.


The side pull ‘dog bar’ is adjustable to fit most dog sizes and can swing back out of the way when not in use, or for storage. Plus it comes with 2 elastic wires for pulling. The bar can be mounted on either side to accommodate left foot or right foot ‘kicking’. The elastic wire that attaches to the harness to the bar is stretchable to dampen the motion of the dog relative to the SPADE SPOOTER. Additional pull U shape bars can be added at any time to accommodate multiple dogs at once. (Not included)

The harnesses come in 2 adjustable sizes:  Medium, Large. They are designed to be used for either the side pull dog bar or for front pull.

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4 Steps to Choose a Healthy Dog Diet

4 Steps to Choose a Healthy Dog Diet - 3

4 Steps to Choose a Healthy Dog Diet

Choosing a healthy dog diet can be confusing and difficult if you let it

Choosing a healthy dog diet can be confusing and difficult if you let it.  The pretty packaging and marketing can blur our perception of a product.  Your dog’s diet is the most basic way to keep your pet healthy and happy for the years to come.  It is essential that you find a diet that will provide essential nutrients to allow your pet to thrive rather than merely survive. 

Here are some simple guidelines to follow when you are selecting a food for your dog’s diet.  Know that every dog is different.  A dog diet that is terrific for your neighbor’s dog may not be exactly what your pet needs.

Table of Contents

First Step

When considering your dog’s diet, you should talk to your veterinarian.  This trusted individual has your pet’s interest at heart, just like you.  The vet’s recommendations can steer you in the right direction.

Second Step

Find a reputable brand for dog food to be the main component of your dog’s diet.  It is not impossible to stumble across a high-quality dog food that you have never heard of, but a well-known and prominent manufacturer provides an amount of safety and security about the decision to feed your dog a healthy diet.  Recognized and reputable dog food manufacturers take the time to research the topic of animal nutrition, by making sure it has a high percentage of animal protein which works on your dog’s muscular ratio and energy supply, also make sure it has oils like flaxseed oil for a better shiny coat, it’s also better if it has 0 or a small percentage of grains. Allow your pet to benefit from the company’s wealth of information rather than going it alone.

It is a myth that dog’s cannot properly digest high levels of protein in their diet.  Kidney troubles do not result from high levels of protein in your dog’s diet.  Large amounts of protein can be safely digested in your dog’s diet, especially when they come primarily from animal origins.  Feeding your dog protein should not cause you concern.  You want what is best for your dog and nature tells you that protein will help your dog to thrive. 

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Third Step

Select a dog food that is age appropriate.  If your dog is older and shows signs of aging, consider a dog diet that is specially formulated for senior dogs.  Puppies have different nutritional needs than do adult dogs.  Find a variety of food that meets your dog’s needs.  Even the breed and size of your pet can make a difference in the type of diet you should feed your pet.  Diets formulated specifically for small dogs and large breeds exist.  You may want to keep this in mind when selecting your dog’s diet.

Activity level and weight are other factors to consider when making the decision of what to feed your dog.  If your dog is extremely active or overweight, you may need to pick a type of dog diet that accommodates such situations. 

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Fourth Step

When you decide on a specific diet for your dog,  pay attention to the portion size.  Obesity is a serious problem in pets.  It can lead to hip troubles and take years off your pet’s life. 

Table scraps are definitely out for a healthy diet.  Your dog’s diet should consist of a high-quality food specially designed to meet your pet’s dietary needs.  Begging is encouraged with table scraps and obesity is likely to result.

Only supplement a high-quality diet when recommended by a veterinarian.  Giving your pet too many supplements in the dog’s diet can lead to a lower quality of health.

Always consult your vet for advice on what to feed your dog.  Your dog’s diet will fuel his health, so choose your dog’s diet wisely.  Select a brand of food that is reputable and suited to your dog.  Finding the right diet for your pet will promote good health and allow your dog to thrive.

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Dog Training – The Basic Commands

Dog Training – The Basic Commands - 6

Dog Training – The Basic Commands

There are of course many reasons for owners to want a calm, obedient and faithful dog.

There are of course many reasons for owners to want a calm, obedient and faithful dog.  For one thing, obedient and trained dogs are happier dogs, less likely to get into tussles with people or with other dogs.  Another reason is that many communities require that the dogs living in their neighborhoods be well trained.  This is especially true for many breeds thought to have aggression and behavior problems – dog breeds like pit bulls and rottweilers for instance.

Accordingly, never buy a kitten as a gift or to surprise someone unless you know for sure that they love kittens and have a decent amount of experience in taking care of cats.

The best way to prepare for a new cat is to cat-proof your home to ensure it is safe, be prepared with the proper cat products such as litter box, litter, food and water dishes, scratching posts, bed, food, comb, brush, treats, and flea/tick/heartworm prevention products.

Table of Contents

Train your dog for less problems:

And of course, training your dog well will also make him or her a much better family companion, especially in households where there are young children.  Many studies have shown that proper dog training makes a big impact when it comes to cutting down the number of dog bits and other behavior problems encountered by dog owning households.

The basic commands:

When considering training your own dog, or having someone else help you train it, there are certain basic commands that must be mastered in order for a dog to be considered truly trained.  These basic commands include:

  • Heel – it is important that any dog learn to walk beside its owner on a loose lead, neither pulling ahead nor lagging behind
  • Respond to the word No – the word no is one word that all dogs must learn. Training your dog to respond to this important word can save you a ton of trouble.
  • Sit – Training your dog to sit on command is a vital part of any dog training program.
  • Stay – A well trained dog should remain where his or her owner commands, so stay is a very important command in dog training.
  • Down – Lying down on command is more than just a cute trick; it is a key component of any successful dog training program.
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Be the pack-leader:

Dog training does much more than just create an obedient, willing companion.  Training your dog properly actually strengthens the bond that already exists between dog and handler.  Dogs are pack animals, and they look to their pack leader to tell them what to do. The key to successful dog training is to set yourself up as that pack leader. 

Establishing yourself as pack leader is a very important concept for any potential dog trainer to understand.  There is only one leader in every pack of dogs, and the owner must establish him or herself as the dominant animal.  Failure to do so leads to all manner of behavior problems.

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Benefits gained:

A properly trained dog will respond properly to all the owner’s commands, and will not display anxiety, displeasure or confusion.  A good dog training program will focus on allowing the dog to learn just what is expected of it, and will use positive reinforcement to reward desired behaviors.

In addition to making the dog a good member of the community, obedience training is a great way to fulfill some of the dog’s own needs, including the need for exercise, the security that comes with knowing what is expected of it, a feeling of accomplishment and a good working relationship with its handler.  Dog training gives the dog an important job to do, and an important goal to reach.

Assign a job to your dog:

Giving the dog a job is more important than you may think.  Dogs were originally bred by humans to do important work, such as herding sheep, guarding property and protecting people.  Many dogs today have no important job to do, and this can often lead to boredom and neurotic behavior. 

Basic obedience training, and ongoing training sessions, provide the dog with an important job to do.  This is especially important for high energy breeds like German shepherds and border collies.  Training sessions are a great way for these high energy dogs to use up their extra energy and simply to enjoy themselves.

Incorporating playtime into your dog training sessions is a great way to prevent both yourself and your dog from becoming bored.  Playing with your dog helps to strengthen the all important bond between you – the pack leader – and your dog.

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