About Us

A family business that was established in 2010 to be the first specialized dog store in the world and up lifting the standards of pet stores in Egypt by providing the best products & services for dog owners and their four-legged friend.

We are the first to provide a huge assortment of brands, products and services in the Egyptian market

Our Vision

EGY Puppy strives to become the world’s leading dog stores by putting all our effort to always supply consumers with everything they need. We will always help to enhance the connection between the dogs’ owners and their dog’s needs, by making their lives easier and improving the relationship between them.

Our Mission

We believe that dogs make us better people. That’s why, along with more services for people and their dogs we provide the best products in the world.
Our Values
The Fundamentals principles of EGY Puppy is the pillar of our ethics & beliefs in caring for your beloved four-legged family members. We care for our clients, partners and communities and we agree that the secret to improving our unique culture is our ethics & Integrity.
2015 We were ranked as the largest retail chain for pets as well as being the biggest importer on Egyptian market by euro monitor.
2016 We were nominated as a top brand in the Egyptian market by super brands.

Our Brands

Europuppy is providing families worldwide with puppies they have never seen in person. It is an enormous responsibility and one we take extremely seriously. That is why over the years we have developed, maintained and grown relationships with professional and honest breeders. We are relying on the euro puppy to be our main resource for pets who want to raise small dogs.
As European market leader in pet supply, TRIXIE provides more than 8500 stores with nearly 6500 items for dogs, cats, birds, little animals, fish and reptiles. We rely on Trixie as the principal products for dogs and cats to provide the best possible life for animals for their owners.
The ideals of the family primate the work and history of our Italian business which started 50 years ago by a man’s passion for animal feeding. It was 1965 that Mr. Francesco Russo formed a company specializing in animal feeding in Russo Mangimi. Farmina is nature and science, our mission is to develop the best natural nutrition systems that are scientifically based. We only use raw material of first choice that are wisely blended and cooked with sound methods in our kitchen and follow strict guidelines from dog and cats’ experts.
An Egyptian brand that produces pet supplies with the best quality. Spade have a variety of products that you might need for your pet from pet cosmetics & beds to treats & training pads.
Originally a German brand that provides wet food for dogs and cats, snacks for dogs and cats natural chews for dogs. Petcura guarantees the highest level of experience and products safety.